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Cancer Industry Spreads Fear and Disinformation To Scare People Away From Learning About Alternative Treatments for Cancer on the Interenet

Wednesday, February 02, 2005 Commentary

The public was recently warned about getting information from the internet on cancer prevention and curing cancer. New headlines blared that cancer sites posed a health risk. This has been propagated around the world in newspapers and news sites, and it's based on nothing more than a tiny sample of 32 websites that one professor says recommend treatments that are not supported by scientific evidence.


He says, "There is not good evidence that any complementary treatment can prevent cancer." This sort of statement borders on the most ignorant statement I've ever heard from anyone in modern medicine -- and believe me, there's a lot of competition for that designation. An analysis of 32 websites is abysmal in terms of looking at the vast amount of information available on the internet, and what's very clear is that this is a campaign of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) initiated by purveyors of modern medicine in order to scare people away from finding information about cancer on the internet.

But let's get to the bottom of this and look at the real reason why this kind of propaganda is being distributed through the national media. The real reason they are attacking cancer websites is because the internet is the only place people can go to actually learn the truth about the cancer industry and cures for cancer that don't involve chemotherapy, surgeries, or other radical procedures offered by western medicine. Organized medicine is learning the hard way that people are educating themselves about cancer and about alternatives to treating this disease, and that scares the industry because it threatens profits.

Frankly, organized medicine would rather people remain ignorant. They don't want people to be informed about anything other than the treatments that they promote and control, and as a result they continue to engage in these FUD campaigns to discourage people from learning about health online. Ideally what the industry wants is a form of censorship -- they want websites to be flagged to indicate which ones are "official" cancer websites. Of course, only the websites publishing content that agrees 100% with the highly corrupt cancer industry would be qualified to receive such a flag or emblem. This is the seal of approval idea, and the professor who conducted this study believes that a seal of approval should be posted on websites that are offering so-called "scientific" information on cancer.

What's amazing about all this is the level of ignorance demonstrated by this person and by the industry in general when they say there is no evidence that any complementary treatment can prevent cancer. In fact, he has it completely wrong. There is a tremendous amount of evidence if a person bothers to look for it. And much of that evidence is published in traditional medical journals -- peer- reviewed journals that are available throughout the world. For example, there is compelling evidence showing nutritional approaches to both preventing and reversing cancer. There's evidence showing that spirulina destroys cancer tumors. There's evidence about oxygen therapy. There's evidence about cat's claw and Amazon herbs in reversing cancer. In fact, cancer is one of the easiest diseases to reverse with herbal medicines and nutritional therapy, and yet this person states that there is no evidence whatsoever.

In order to make a statement like that, a person must either be outright lying or utterly ignorant of the last 30 years of research on cancer conducted around the world, because there are a great number of complementary treatments that are proven not only to be effective, but far more effective than anything that western medicine can offer.

Speaking of western medicine, let's look at what it does offer to cancer patients, because it is here that there is really no good evidence of increased survival rates for cancer. Even though billions of dollars have been dumped into the cancer industry over the last several decades, survival rates for cancers treated by western medicine have hardly improved at all. The increased survival rates of patients undergoing chemotherapy are measured in months, not even years. I'm talking about months here, folks. A person can undergo $50,000 worth of treatment and live an extra 3 months, and western medicine calls that a success, and it is their official position that that is the only treatment that should be available to sufferers of cancer -- that if you go outside the system and find something that increases your lifespan by years or decades, then you are committing some sort of crime by venturing outside of orthodox western medicine. In fact, chemotherapy is largely a fraud. There is no evidence that chemotherapy increases overall lifespan at all. Chemotherapy is only measured a success by the degree to which it shrinks tumors, and tumor shrinkage is not strongly correlated with enhanced life expectancy of the patient.

That's because cancer is not a local disease, by the way. Doctors continue to think that a tumor is a cancer, but in fact, cancer is a system disorder -- it is a failure of the patient's immune system and it is present throughout the body, not just in one place that can be surgically removed. Chemotherapy by itself is a horrific treatment for cancer. It is barbaric. It is steeped in the beliefs of the dark ages of modern medicine, where the body is a battleground that should be destroyed by powerful toxins in order to somehow eliminate this invader that's causing this disease.

Chemotherapy destroys a patient's immune system, and this is precisely the opposite of what needs to take place in order to prevent cancer. A patient's immune system needs to be boosted, not destroyed. When it is sufficiently boosted and enhanced through mind-body medicine, nutritional therapies, physical exercise, herbal remedies, homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, and other forms of therapy, only then can the patient cure their own cancer and return to a healthy, normal life. So, in a very real sense, modern medicine attempts to outlaw precisely those things that actually work to prevent cancer.

It is accurate to say that the existing cancer industry prevents prevention. They are against prevention. They do not want prevention to be well known or to be adopted by medical practitioners, and one of the ways they do that is of course to spread fear and uncertainty about alternative cancer treatments through headlines such as the one I'm discussing here. If they can scare people away from the internet, then they can keep people ignorant of the true treatments for cancer. It's kind of like if you ran a plantation back in the slave days of the United States, you would make sure your slaves remained illiterate, because that way they wouldn't gain enough education to venture out on their own and leave your plantation. In modern medicine, patients are like slaves, and the medical industry wants to keep everyone enslaved by making sure they don't have access to good information about how to prevent chronic disease. "Keep 'em dumb!" seems to be the slogan of organized medicine. The less you know about health and disease, the better they like it. (You can verify this yourself by visiting an old-school M.D. and telling him you've read something on the Internet about cancer or some other chronic disease. Watch how quickly they criticize the fact that you're even using the Internet as an educational tool...)

If all this sounds a little strange, recognize that there is a war taking place in the cancer industry. It is an information war, and on one side is the established cancer industry, which wants to control the flow of information and censor any information that doesn't agree with their official position. The cancer industry wants to prevent prevention. They like to see that a certain percentage of the population remains diseased with cancer, and that new treatments that actually work are suppressed at every opportunity. This is why companies such as Lane Labs have been put out of business -- they were offering nutritional supplements that actually helped boost the patient's immune system so that they could cure their own cancer. There's no doubt that the cancer industry will also be trying to censor this website. They don't want this information getting out most of all. This is the information that helps people realize that their access to the truth about alternative medicine is being limited by those in power.

But let's get down to the bottom of all this. If the western medicine cancer industry actually worked, cancer would be cured by now. We were promised cures decades ago. But it doesn't work -- cancer has skyrocketed in the last 20 years, and cure rates have barely budged. Today, people who are diagnosed with cancer have no more survival rate than a person who avoids western medicine treatments. In fact, if you take a good hard look at it, the only people actually surviving cancer for years and decades are the people who avoid western medicine and who seek out alternative therapies. They are people who change their lifestyle, who learn about nutrition and start consuming cancer-fighting superfoods such as chlorella and spirulina. They are people who take anti-cancer herbs such as licorice root and graviola. Graviola is a powerful anti-cancer herb that has been shown to be 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy at targeting cancer cells without harming the patient with any of the traditional side effects of chemotherapy.

When it comes to cancer, western medicine has failed. It simply does not work -- it doesn't cure cancer, it doesn't offer any long-term benefit to patients, and it only results in massive costs associated with these short-lived treatments. Alternative medicine and natural healing approaches, on the other hand, are inexpensive: they are safe to use, they are widely used throughout the world, outside the United States, and they've been proven safe through thousands of years of effective use by various populations of the world who know far more about medicine and healing than our so-called "high-tech" system of modern medicine.


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